Space research team
The main research interest of our department is the Solar System and its physical processes. It includes a complex regime of interactions, like the study of the Solar interior, its physical processes, and the effect the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field on the ionospheres, and/or magnetospheres of planets, moons, and other objects in our Solar System (like comets). We are interested in comparing and finding analogies between the different plasma environments as well. Also it is vital to understand how our direct cosmic environment can affect our own planet, so space weather is another important topic that we focus on.

In order to engage in answering these questions we use the science data measured by several different space missions. We are actively participating in the international mission teams, and take part in data analysis and the publication of new results. Our team has been involved in several major space missions from the earliest planning phases through the development, building and testing of onboard instruments and finally the evaluation of the measurements from space. In our team scientists and engineers work together to achieve these complex tasks and to sustain a successful international cooperation.

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